Online bookkeeping

online bookkeeping

Online accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, Sage One, or Xero gives you the freedom of accessing your financial information anytime and anywhere. However, your financial transactions have to be posted properly and completely in order to have meaningful financial reports. Inaccurate or incomplete bookkeeping often leads to bad business decisions or improper tax filing.

Two questions to consider before going online

Before you sign up an online accounting software account, you need to be very clear who is going to do the bookkeeping and how you make sure the bookkeeping is accurate and complete.

Outsource or in house?

One way is to completely outsource the bookkeeping to outside professional bookkeeping firms and save time for what matters the most.

The other way is to do the bookkeeping in house. It may be done by yourself, your employee, or your family member. If the bookkeeper has no accounting background, chances are you need an outside professional to tidy up your book so that the records are good enough for business decision making and tax filing.

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