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Marketplace is becoming more and more competitive. The key to success is to manage your business more effectively and efficiently. Basic accounting and financial skills are important skills for small business owners to succeed in their businesses. Saving tax dollars also plays an important role to reach your financial goals. Keeping taxman out of your door can give you peace of mind.

This area is dedicated to providing information and ideas in business management, accounting, and taxes to help our clients succeed in their businesses and reach their goals.  

How does GST/HST work?

Tax Preparation Document Checklist for 2013

2013 Automobile deduction limits and Expense benefit rates for business

Cash basis accounting – a simple way of bookkeeping

The benefits of bookkeeping

Good working habits lead to success in business

Marketing is not just the job of marketing and sales department

Privacy is an enemy when filing family tax returns

The CRA’s matching program

Corporation income tax

Should I file a tax return?

Maximum annual RRSP contribution limits

The difference between TFSA and RRSP

GST/HST Zero-rated vs GST/HST exempt goods and services

2012 Automobile deduction limits and Expense benefit rates for business

Federal incorporation vs. Ontario incorporation

How to calculate Canadian income tax for the year 2011

Accounting source document - deposit slips

Employment insurance (EI) rates

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contribution rates

Ontario minimum wage


Small business bookkeeping

Changes to Canada Pension Plan for 2012

Ontario tax credits and benefits - 2010

How to increase business profit - a case study in fixed and variable costs

Fixed costs and variable costs

Budgeting is important for a small business 

Three basic financial statements

Marginal tax rate

Residency for tax purpose

What is the difference between a Tax Credit and a Tax Deduction?

Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)

GST / HST rates by province

General rules for non-arm's length transfer of property

Cumulative Net Investment Loss (CNIL)

Comparison between Simply Accounting Pro and QuickBooks Pro

Common capital cost allowance (CCA) classes and rates

Checklist for preparation and filing of Income tax returns 2009

Automobile Deduction Limits and Expenses Benefit Rates for Business

Income splitting

Should I register for the GST/HST?

Do I have to register for the GST/HST?

Basics of registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

Three basic types of income: employment income, business income and property income

Using shareholder loan wisely: an income splitting strategy

Choosing a bookkeeper for law firm

Books and records for law firms

List of documents law firm bookkeeper needs

Capital cost allowance (CCA)

Employ family members - An effective income splitting and tax saving strategy

Making mortgage interest tax-deductible

Stay close to your customers

What is your business strategy: product-oriented, sales-oriented or market-oriented?

Benefits of Registered education savings plan (RESP)

Basics of Tax-free savings account (TFSA)

Reduce income tax through effective tax planning

Deductible expenses for rental property

Tax deductible business expenses

What child care expenses are deductible?

It is important to keep original receipts

Know your rights when you are dealing with the taxman

Tax deduction and tax credit

Save on taxes from business losses

Does incorporating your business provide additional write-offs?

Accrual accounting versus cash accounting

Perpetual inventory system and periodic inventory system

Differences among proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations on accounting and taxation

Debits and credits

The four entrepreneurial pitfalls

Do you value your time?

Five basic functions of a manager

What documents do you need for bookkeeping?

Speed up cash flow

A separate business bank account is the first step towards a healthy cash flow

Price it right, knowing the costs is the key

Does every employee in your company sell?

Effective delegation takes your business to the next level

Advertising, focus on frequency 


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