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Since 2002, we have been doing only one thing – helping small business owners stay focused on their core business activities to achieve their goals.

With our accounting and tax services, we are dedicated to helping our clients save time, cut expenses, and thus increase profit.

We take pride in doing quality work at affordable rate. We respond quickly to client inquiry. We are accurate and efficient and we help our clients work efficiently and effectively.

Over the years, we are happy to see many of our clients grow and prosper. And we have grown too. We are now a team of over 10 members serving clients in a diverse range of industries.

Our bookkeeping team is led by Jenny Yan. Feel free to talk to Jenny if you have any concerns about your bookkeeping, GST/HST, or payroll. Jenny will be happy to help you.

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Our tax team is led by Simon Zhong.  Simon devotes most of his time to helping his clients save taxes, the largest lifetime expenses.

Our mission

Help small business owners stay focused on their core business activities to achieve their goals!

Our Philosophy

Work Smarter! Live Better! Together! We Grow!

Our Value

Trustworthiness . Integrity . Dedication . Competence . Relationship

Our Strategies

  • We help you get organized, so you can focus on running your business and enjoy your life.
  • We provide you meaningful and timely financial information, so you can make better business decisions.
  • We minimize your taxes, so you can keep the maximum of your hard-earned money.
  • We help you comply with tax law, so you can sleep at night.

Our quality standard

We stand behind our work. We provide life time tax support for every tax return we prepared.

At Proccounting, our system of safeguards is carefully designed to ensure your business transactions are processed appropriately and your tax returns are prepared accurately.

We take the responsibility of our work. We deal with the tax authorities such as the Canada Revenue Agency for you:

  • respond to any requests from the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • help you prepare the documents if your tax returns are audited.
  • explain how the transactions were processed and your return was prepared.
  • prepare a Notice of Objection for you if your return is incorrectly reassessed.