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Reliable bookkeeping

Categorize your transactions in appropriate accounts. Full service: invoice, payments, expenses, loans, out-of-pocket expenses, investments, taxes, payroll etc. Bank and credit card reconciliation to guarantee accuracy and not miss any expenses. We ask you if anything is not clear. We bring it up to you if something we feel abnormal.

GST/HST return

Maximize your ITC claim to save tax. Remind you when a GST/HST return is due. No more late filing. No more penalty and interest.

Personalized payroll service

Convenient: send us the payroll information such as hours by email, phone, online sharing, fax whichever way convenient to you. Fast turnaround: your payroll will be done by next business day. Full service: pay stubs, payroll remittance, T4 slips, WSIB, and ROE.

We deal with the CRA for you, worry free

If CRA audit you or has any inquiry about GST/HST or payroll, we deal with the CRA on your behalf. No more nasty phone call. No more threatening letter. Worry free. Peace of mind.

Financial reports, better business decision

We provide you financial statements every month to help you make better business decisions.

Tax season, no stress

You can use our income tax return preparation service for your convenience and to save money. However, if you already have an accountant, we are also happy to provide you a year-end financial package containing all the info you need to file your taxes. To save you time, we can also send the year-end financial package to your accountant directly and answer any questions from your accountant regarding your records.