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Customized bookkeeping solutions, just for you

All bookkeeping is done by real humans in our office in Toronto. Bookkeepers are our employees working in our office but not freelances working from home. And we don’t outsource your bookkeeping. So we can provide you the best quality service and keep your information secure. Moreover, we customize our solution just for you and we work closely with you to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

We have different solutions to meet your needs:

Off-site solution

  • Simply put the paper work in a file / folder when it comes in
  • Send the paper work to us regularly by courier, mail, email, or online file sharing whichever way convenient to you
  • Receive monthly financial reports such as Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet from us
  • No worry about GST/HST and payroll
  • No need to purchase any software / app
  • No need to learn any software / app
  • Minimum time for paper work and maximum time for your business

Cloud solution

  • Access your financial information anytime and anywhere
  • You do whichever bookkeeping tasks (for example invoicing) you would like to do and we will continue the rest
  • We will also review what you did to make sure the quality of the whole book is maintained
  • We will take care of GST/HST and payroll for you

On-site solution

  • Bookkeeper works in your office
  • Full service bookkeeping including GST/HST and payroll
  • Same bookkeeper works for you to guarantee quality and efficiency
  • No contract and satisfaction guarantee
  • Strict quality control and full support from our office

Please contact us to discuss the best solution for you.